More Food, Less Waste

More Food, Less Waste

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Run a restaurant, café or food store? Are you sick of throwing away perfectly good food? Post meals with our app to increase your income and reduce food waste. Be good to the planet.

2 million tonnes of CO2 are a result of food waste in Sweden every single year. We've got metrics in the works so you can see how much moolah and CO2 emissions you're saving in real time.

Meet The Team

Cathy Xiao Chen

Cathy is a chef, photographer, and small business owner. A degree in Food Sustainability and a creative and analytical mind make her a strong Sustainability Consultant and Project Strategist. Cathy develops the business model and environmental metrics, and holds invaluable experience in the food industry.

Farshid Hassani

Farshid is a computer scientist specialising in constraint programming and mobile augmented reality. He has published four books and runs LimeForce - a game development company from his current base in Hong Kong. Farshid is the driving force behind the app’s development.


Regional winner 2016

Winner of CleanTech Challenge Sweden 2016